Sunday, September 5, 2010

Back in the USA & Buying Local!

Just last week I was doing my shopping at the Tianguis Organic Farmers' Market in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico (see post and slide show below), enjoying fruits, berries, vegetables, eggs, coffee -- all organic -- and bath products, artisan breads, jams, etc. --all made from natural and organic ingredients by local producers in the area surrounding San Miguel de Allende.

Now, one week later, I am back in New Jersey, ready to "buy local" at some of the NJ farmers' markets and stores that offer locally produced meats, eggs, produce, etc. Whether in Mexico, the U.S. or any other corner of the globe, I believe community-supported agriculture is important.

So...Buy Local and Think Global!

The website Buy Local, Think Global, at
has a list of links to New Jersey farmers' markets and other producers throughout the state. Many local farmers' markets are open through the end of October. You can also find information at the Jersey Fresh website at Check out the great recipes at from Jersey Fresh.

If you want organic products, you can find information on New Jersey organic growers, events, educational materials, etc. at The Northeast Organic Farmers' Association of New Jersey, Their website is

Tim LaSalle, Ph.D., CEO of the Rodale Institute, explains how organic farming techniques pull carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it as carbon in living soil—an overlooked, but significant, route to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate climate change. More at

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