Thursday, August 27, 2009

Nichos - Mexican Folk Art

¡Me encantan los nichos! I have grown quite fond of nichos, the colorful, decorated tin boxes that are displayed everywhere in Mexico, in public places and in homes. A nicho is a type of 3-dimensional mixed media collage. Nichos have traditionally served as altars for religious icons or patron saints or as memorials for loved ones and to mark significant religious events. The above photo is of a traditional religious nicho.

The photo below is of a rustic, outdoor display of the Virgin of Guadalupe. I saw this nicho on one of my morning walks through San Miguel de Allende.

I also like some of the contemporary folk art nichos created by local artists.

One of my favorites is from folk artist, Jade Muriel. Her nicho, "Dream Box - My Love", with Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, is on display in her shop JADE at Zacateros #8 in San Miguel de Allende and on her blog Jade Muriel - Mexican Folk Art.

Among Jade's "Frida" nichos is Selva Nocturna (Night Jungle).

An American expat has even created Obama nichos!


"Obama Walks on Water"

I just had to purchase this one for my son, Chris, for his Obama memorabilia collection. I'm also looking to add to my own growing nicho folk art collection at home.

I have my eye on that "Diego y Frida" nicho!

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