Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ethics Matters

Professor Yesudas Choondassery,
School of Liberal Arts
Berkeley College students recently educated the Woodland Park campus community about the importance of ethics and  charitable giving.  As part of an academic service-learning course (HUM 225 Ethics) , Professor Yesudas Choondassery and his students presented educational posters about theories of ethics and global giving. 

HUM 225 Ethics is an introduction to the study of ethics and moral philosophy, including its historical development, the major figures within that history, and some of the ethical and moral issues that face us today.  Students are introduced to the ideas of great thinkers throughout history and the course encourages students’ own thinking on various ethical and moral issues.

Students presented many of the concepts they learned about in the course including consequentialst and non-consequentialist perspectives, Kant's duty ethics, intuitionism, divine command theory, utilitarianism, care ethics and gender differences in moral attitudes.

During the event funds were also raised for our international service partner, Casa de los Angeles, a Mexican-based non-profit daycare center that provides childcare to poor mothers thus helping to break the cycle of poverty.  Many thanks to Ashante Barns-Awe and Sandra Coppola of Student Development and Campus Life, who helped coordinate the event and provided Mexican food for attendees.

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