Monday, December 27, 2010

A New Service-Learning Project For 2011

The winter quarter starts in just one week and students in SOC 415 Global Social Change will be working on a new service project for our international service partner, Casa de los Angeles, a non-profit daycare center in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.   Casa de los Angeles would like to apply for a grant to hire an administrator for their U.S. office in Illinois.  My students will be conducting research to identify foundations and organizations that give grants to non-profits.  A database of funding organizations will be presented to our service partner at the conclusion of the course. 

Since this is an online course, students will be doing grant research by searching databases in the Berkeley College Library --all done online!  One of our librarians will join us in our online course, giving us a presentation on how to access grant information through the library.  He will also answer questions and moderate a discussion board during Week 3 of the quarter.   By the end of the winter quarter, students will provide important funding information to Casa de los Angeles, gain valuable hands-on research skills, and learn about the global issues --social, economic, political --impacting Mexico today.  For more information about our service partner, Casa de los Angeles, visit their website at